I wanted to find more on my hometown of Rosedale……………..

it is very difficult to find a lot of Rosedales history, but maybe i can try to tell you about it from my own experience living there from the 1980’s to the 1990’s.


Me and my family lived on 149th road for a very long time. My brothers and I attended P.S 195, our principal was Mr. Sheldon Silverman. He was such a sweet man, from what i remember. I dont know, i wasn’t sent to the principals office at that point lol. I had alot of friends there, some of which i am still in contact with today. We used to play football in the streets, and we always waited for Frank in the old country store truck to arrive, he sold everything, ice cream, candy, (later we found out drugs) As always, back in that day there was 2 sides, the Italian side, and the “its changing” side. Not my words, that’s how it was. I always hung on the “its changing side” lol. We used to always hang out on craft avenue, and walk along the swamp, me and my brothers always thought it was a treat to go to 5 towns, driving along snake road was the best! like a thrill ride, especially at night. Things went wrong not long after, things of which i will not post, but i still have alot of love for my old neighborhood. I will return for a visit soon, and will take pictures and post my personal memories of my old home town.

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