Queens Blvd in 1917

Queens Blvd in 1917

Queens Blvd in 1917 looks nice and quiet, no cars, no hookers, no ……… white castle???????????

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more rosedale

this is a site that i have been looking at for years. i get my “fix” from here lol. if you have time, browse through this link. and now, more Rosedale for your viewing enjoyment!



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I grew up in a area of Queens called Rosedale. It is right by the border of long island, if you wanted, you had a 15 minute walk to Green Acres mall. I remember me and my brothers taking this walk, we would turn down one of the side streets and there was a hole in the fence by the movie theatre. On sundays the parking lot was turned into a flea market, which i heard is still done today. When i lived there it was pretty run down, potholes everywhere. I made a recent trip while driving a co-worker home and took a quick tour. The houses look beautiful, and i couldnt believe it was the same place. The following is a short blurb about my hometown from wikipedia.


Rosedale was originally conceived in the consolidation of the borough of Queens as a part of what is now Springfield Gardens. At the time, the Laurelton Land Company was in charge of the new Borough of Queens. It was dotted with farmland that was isolated from each other, so construction on an acceptable mode of transportation was started immediately. The Southern Railroad of Long Island (now Long Island Rail Road) was built and the whole area (today Laurelton, Rosedale, and Springfield Gardens) was served by Laurelton Station. The area was also connected to the Brooklyn waterworks. In the 20th century, the water system was less needed, and its use dwindled. Today the ruins of the aqueduct system can still be seen. After the Long Island Rail Road’s construction, many new roads such as Francis Lewis and Sunrise Boulevard (today Sunrise Highway) were constructed. The area that is now Rosedale remained farmland until the mid 1930s. After the former period of relatively slow growth, development rapidly turned Rosedale into a suburban community. Many of Rosedale’s homes are two-family homes.

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astoria pool, no date

astoria pool, no date

this looks to be 40’s, maybe 50’s jusding by the bathing suits. i love the hell gate bridge in the background. so simple, yet, so mysterious

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steinway street, 1940’s

steinway street, 1940's

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Steinway Street and 31st Avenue looking north

Steinway Street and 31st Avenue looking north

i have no date on this, credit goes to the greater astoria historical society.

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Hello and welcome!

Ok, so this is my first blog ever so bear with me lol. I set up this page because i love history, mainly NYC history. I will be focusing on all of the 5 boroughs, and maybe some of the interesting things i find on anything upstate. Fell free to give me tips and insiders as i go along, and the only rule is, enjoy your visit.

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